Wheel Rotation

Maximise the wear you get from your tyres

When your car requires the front tyres to be switched with the back tyres, this is called Wheel Rotation.
This is done to maximise the wear you get from your tyres.

When your car needs two new rear tyres, you are usually better off having these two brand new tyres fitted to the front of your vehicle and have the worn fronts placed on the back. This maximises your grip through the front of the vehicle, giving you the best steering feel, and in the case of front wheel drive cars, gives you the best grip when accelerating.

When you buy two tyres, our technician may advise you to rotate your tyres, which can be done on location. Maximising grip and therefore safety, with the convenience of having it done at a location of your choice, what could be easier?

"Finally a solution to downtime while waiting for tyres. This is the future!"