Fleet Servicing

Go Tyres knows how to save on car fleet servicing

Anyone who runs a fleet, whether that be 4 small cars or 100 different vehicles knows how much money can be lost due to downtime with tyre replacement.
If your solution for tyres is to have one staff member drop a car off to the local tyre shop, another staff member picks that person up, they both make a round trip back to base, and then repeat later for pickup, well those days are over.
By outsourcing your tyre needs to Go Tyres Mobile, you never lose your staff to these tyre duties again. Your staff can get on with their job, and vehicle downtime is minimised. With hours ranging from 6am through to 8pm, we are sure we can accomodate your needs and find a solution that suits your fleet requirements.

With NO CALLOUT FEE and preferred company rates, please contact us and we will work in with your fleet requirements and budget.

"Finally a solution to downtime while waiting for tyres. This is the future!"