Mobile Tyre Service

Go Tyres can carry out any job, any where on the Gold Coast

At Go Tyres Mobile, all our work is carried out on-site, at your home, workplace, work-site or pretty much anywhere there is a flat surface for us to work on. We can handle any type of vehicle from small cars to 1 ton trucks, small buses, vans, trailer, caravans etc...

Our state-of-the-art tyre machines handle up to 24" wheels and all run-flat tyres and our electronic balancing machines will ensure your new tyres perform and last as they were intended.

As standard, we replace your tyre valves or where necessary, we replace the whole stem. Another service as standard is greasing your wheelnut threads with anti seizure compound to avoid future issues of stuck wheel nuts which can be very costly.

Depending on your requirements, we can service your car with new tyres starting from 6.30am through to our last apppointment slot of 6.30pm. This means you can have your tyres fitted at your own house or work depot/location after hours, at no extra cost to you.

With hours to suit you, at your location and a time you can lock in with certainty, and a tyre brand that can suit your car and your budget, you'll see we have all the solutions for your tyre needs. We make getting your tyres easy.

"Finally a solution to downtime while waiting for tyres. This is the future!"