Mobile Puncture Repairs / Tyre Repairs

Go Tyres Mobile Puncture Repairs / Tyre Repairs can be done at any location

Gotyres Mobile Puncture Repairs/Tyre Repairs can be done at any location on any vehicle so long as the puncture is within the repairable section of tread.

As soon as you discover you have a puncture (Your tyre is deflated), do not drive on it. Driving just a short distance can seriously damage the carcass of the tyre and make it unrepairable. Put on your spare, or call GoTyres Mobile and we can come to your home or workplace to fix or replace the tyre. All GoTyres Mobile Tyre Vans are equipped with the necessary equipment to safely and quickly carry out puncture repairs across all Gold Coast locations.

Can we repair your puncture?

To repair a tyre properly is not as simple as You may think. In order for us to repair Your tyre back to a proper standard (required for road going vehicles), we need to assess the location of the puncture, then use a combi plug/patch system to ensure You have no future issues with the repair. Plug rope repairs are not suitable for road going vehicles other than for emergencies repairs only.

Location of the puncture

Our puncture repairs follow Australian Standards which mean we cannot repair a puncture at the very edges of a tyre, or on a sidewall area. If the puncture is on the outer edges of the tyre or the sidewall, repairs cannot be carried out and a replacement tyre will be needed. Any repairs carried out on the edge or sidewall are not deemed safe or reliable.

What tyres can we repair?

As well as road going vehicles, we can also carry out mobile puncture repairs on Golf Carts/Buggies, Mobility Scooters, Mowers, Trailers, Caravans, Quad Bikes and a number of other vehicles, please ask. For vehicles that travel less than 40km/h we often use a plug rope system which does not require the wheel to be removed. We can patch existing tubes or replace tubes where necessary.

What about Runflat tyres?

Runflat tyres cannot be repaired. If You have a runflat tyre with a puncture, once it has been driven on at low pressure, You will need to replace this tyre. We cannot ascertain how long a runflat tyre has been driven on and we cannot repair the tyre because it may have been driven on with low pressure for a longer distance than the manufacturer deems safe.

How much does a mobile puncture repair cost?

Gotyres is not an emergency breakdown service - prebooking is required. However our Gotyres Team will try to get to you as soon as possible. We understand repair may be urgent.

Prices are $88 including GST ($44 puncture + $44 callout) for pre booked appointments, and POA for same day emergency service.

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